Ja si janë zyrat e kompanisë Google (Foto)

Autori:Avdyl Pajaziti

Gjigandi Google njihet për faktin se u siguron punonjësve një rehati të tillë, saqë zyrat kthehen në hit në rrjet.

Jo vetëm punë, por edhe relaks, sport e argëtim.

Këto janë zyrat e reja të kompanisë në Sidnej të Australisë.

Different shaped and sized pods are hung on the walls for staff members to have some privacy and comfort as they workThe technology giants' Sydney office in Pyrmont is far from the predictable workplace with an area entirely dedicated to gamingGoogle employ 1200 staff members at their Sydney office who are encouraged to take active breaks in the basement with a rock climbing wall, ping pong table and pool tables (pictured)There are multiple cafes throughout the office, all with different food on offer and all free of charge 'A grapefruit is a lemon that had a chance and took advantage of it,' is one of the zany inscriptions that can be read on the wall of motivational quotesGoogle still manage to provide the quirks, with a secret code opening up a hidden 'room of requirement,' behind a bookcase and is fit with a creepy skeletonGoogle employ 1200 staff members at their Sydney office who are encouraged to take active breaks in the basement including playing arcade games such as Dance Dance RevolutionLunch breaks are taken in style and yellow American-diner style couches line the cafeteria There is a 'Maker Space' dedicated to tools of the trade, where staff members can hire out a screwdriver or hammer to create a wood work piece Google employ 1200 staff members at their Sydney office who are encouraged to take active breaksIn house chefs are employed and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at no charge to staff membersGoogles' Sydney office employs 1200 staff, with 600 being tech members who worked on the inception of Google MapsThe Google office has a room dedicated to puzzle-making and is filled with couches and a small libraryEach work station has a place to plug in a mobile phone or a laptop and there is even a room dedicated to cordsAn area full of Lego pieces, board games and a giant slinky is located at the front of the buildingThe basement has two pool tables, hula hoops, a music studio and a rock climbing wallOn Monday, Google, announced the arrival of their two new Nexus smart phones, called 'Marshmallow,' that channel photography, maps, text messaging and internet searches to provide users with answers when seeking answers from 'OK Google'Google also employs quirky characters that are scattered throughout the office in different outfitsThe Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X also have the ability to be connected to screen installed in a car and uses a simplified version of Google Maps



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