Is Pay For Essay Legit


A lot of people are wondering if it is ethical to pay for essays in this day and age, a debate which has been brought into sharper relief by a new trend for sites like to advertise their services on social media.

Many different opinions have been put forward concerning the use of these site, but in the end the argument boils down to people who think it is ethical, and people who don’t think it is ethical.

The main arguments against paying someone for essay writing are as follows: the point of writing an essay is to show both that you have learned the material under discussion, and that you are capable of putting together a coherent argument concerning any particular topic.

The writing itself is as important as the topic, since writing is how you show your argument, and how you make your ultimate point.

To anybody who is teaching people, and expecting them to learn the material, to pay for an essay online is to pass off the burden of learning to somebody else. If a student doesn’t actually write any of their work, then how can teachers and examiners actually tell if they have learned the necessary information? These same people also point out that plagiarism is an issue here.

Plagiarism is defined as the use of somebody’s work without duly giving them credit. By using the work written by essay sites, students are committing plagiarism. Educational institutions are united in considering the use of essay sites to be plagiarism, and unethical in the extreme.

People who think that paying for an essay is ethical take a different approach to the problem. They have several reasons for why the use of essay writing services is ethical, starting by looking at the reasons for the recent rise in their use.

The main point in the argument for the ethics of using writing sites is that the sites themselves take great pains in making sure that they avoid plagiarism. Both the writers themselves and the site staff run their own checks to be sure that they have not committed plagiarism in the papers, and offers the guarantee that clients will get their money back if they find something plagiarized.

The point they are trying to do with this argument is that the writers on these sites go out of their way to make sure that each paper is unique and customized to the individual orders of the clients.

Since plagiarism is the blatant copying of somebody else’s work (outside of quotations and footnotes, that is), then a custom essay is not plagiarism, and using the work done by these sites is perfectly ethical.

The other main argument made for the ethics of using a writing site for work is that very few people do so out of laziness. There are many reasons for people to turn to a writing site – some people have no time to work due to their other obligations, such as a job or a duty of care to a dependent; other people might have had an emergency come up, and so suddenly find themselves unable to complete their tasks.

These people are not lazy, but have a genuine need. Essay writing sites provide that need, and their use is ethical.


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