And they got one all got one


Just one more reason to appreciate Doug Baldwin

SEATTLE it’s possible you have thought Oprah Winfrey was doling out the multi million dollar contracts in the NBA this week because he
bengals jersey team shop got one, and this man got one, And they got one we got one! Or so it are evidently.

personalized bengals jersey while I love only to have an NBA team here, most likeyl have, It relieved us from seeing Jim McIlvane like deals reincarnated on a much more head scratching level in Seattle.

very, I not going to stand here and bemoan the property forces of free agency in modern day pro sports, Because we all keep in mind that it simply the name of the game. We all realize that typically an athlete loyalty to a city has become more and
aj mccarron jersey more defined by the paycheck he receives. competitors we not immune we can all name local athletes who wouldn be here if not for a big payday.

But to me, There something something about Doug Baldwin contract extension with the Seahawks that screams old school a throwback vibe adding a loyalty between team and player that reminds us of the days before modern day free agency.

You can call me biased and don misunderstand me:
tyler boyd jersey Baldwin by all odds got paid. The $11 million a year and $24 million guaranteed is considerable. But it market value based on last year numbers and most importantly, It now the second time Baldwin has accepted a deal without exploring free agency these times a full year early. And it the second time the Seahawks have rewarded Baldwin with an extension cord, sticking with their strong philosophy
vontaze burfict jersey of rewarding their own players.

truly, Baldwin stood here himself four long ago, Arguing in support of a player right to explore free agency and in general, He probably still feels identically now. But he still made the personal choice to forego that right and make Seattle his permanent home.

And nothing makes me appreciate him more than what he told me long before this deal was announced as part of an exclusive interview that will air in a few weeks. candid, Revealing and incredibly honest. browse:

"It’s funny my fianc and I getting through with pre marital counseling right now. And what that was pointed out in my personality profile was that loyalty, Honesty and believability ranked very high for me. And I think that’s one reason why why I’ve developed such a warm heart for Seattle and this area is because I’m loyal to it.

John and Pete gave me a chance to come out here as an undrafted free agent, The fans welcomed me with open arms they reinforced me I saw loyalty there. I have a lot of adoration for that.

possessing live here, Build a house here it’s not just about right now. It’s about 30 years down the line when my kids are going to school and they get to look back and say that their dad got to play for the Seattle Seahawks and what that truly means in the challenge. sale or no terms, It proves the kind of appreciation between an athlete, a financial institution and a city that becoming all too rare in a sports world tainted by players jumping to their next big payday.

none, Baldwin extension isn the biggest deal or the most glamorous the Seahawks have awarded within the last five years. But for me, It carries the essence of what still good about sports of a player, picked up his team, convinced of his city, Committed to a community that embraced him as one that belongs to them.


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